Legal / Compliance

There are many laws and policies that need to be complied with when using Academic Technologies at UNM. As an instructor teaching online or in the classroom, it is important to be aware of these obligations.

  • Copyright - UNM's copyright website has information on rights and responsibilities as it relates to copyright and intellectual property.
  • Security - From phishing to technical vulnerabilities, security is critical for everyone to focus on.
  • Privacy - As a research university with a health sciences center, there are a variety of applicable laws that protect student and patient privacy, including FERPA and HIPAA. Statement from the UNM Registrar regarding FERPA Considerations for Live Meeting, Audio and Video part of academic classes.
  • Accessibility - Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities act and the 21st Century Communications and Video Acessibility Act require that online content is accessible.
  • State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement - State Authorization allows universities to offer online education in participating states without having to go through a separate approval process.