Project Status

With a few exceptions, most classroom installations of Phase 1 support for remote students were completed in 2020. The project team is identifying options for expanding support in Phase 2, to be completed in 2021.


BuildingBldg CodeRm #Remote Tech Installation
Bandelier East HallBANDE105Document Camera and Microphone
Castetter Hall/BiologyCAST51Phase 1 Complete
Castetter Hall/BiologyCAST55Phase 1 Complete
Castetter Hall/BiologyCAST100Phase 1 Complete
Centennial EngineeringCENT1026Phase 1 Complete
Centennial EngineeringCENT1028Phase 1 Complete
Centennial EngineeringCENT1030Phase 1 Complete
Centennial EngineeringCENT1032Phase 1 Complete
Centennial EngineeringCENT1041Phase 1 Complete
Collaborative Learning CtrCTLB230Document Camera and Microphone
Collaborative Learning CtrCTLB300Document Camera and Microphone
Collaborative Learning CtrCTLB330Document Camera and Microphone
Center for the ArtsCTRART2100Document Camera and Microphone
Dane Smith HallDSH123Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH125Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH126Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH127Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH128Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH129Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH136Complete - Troubleshooting Ceiling Microphone issue
Dane Smith HallDSH223Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH224Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH225Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH226Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH227Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH228Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH229Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH233Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH234Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH324Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH325Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH326Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH327Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH328Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH329Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH333Phase 1 Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH334Phase 1 Complete
Education ClassroomsEDUC101Phase 1 Complete
Education ClassroomsEDUC104Phase 1 Complete
Mechanical EngineeringMECH208Phase 1 Complete
Mechanical EngineeringMECH218Phase 1 Complete
Mechanical EngineeringMECH300Phase 1 Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH101Phase 1 Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH102Phase 1 Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH120Phase 1 Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH122Phase 1 Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH202Phase 1 Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH211Phase 1 Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH220Phase 1 Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH221Phase 1 Complete
Northrup Hall/GeologyNTHP122Document Camera and Microphone
Physics & Astronomy InterdisPAIS1100Phase 1 Complete
Physics & Astronomy InterdisPAIS1140Phase 1 Complete
Physics & Astronomy InterdisPAIS1160Phase 1 Complete
George Pearl HallPEARL101Document Camera and Microphone
George Pearl HallPEARLP104Document Camera and Microphone
Regener HallREGH103Document Camera and Microphone
Science Math Learning CenterSMLC102Phase 1 Complete
Science Math Learning CenterSMLC120Phase 1 Complete