Camera and Microphone

Controlling the Camera

Your classroom has a high definition web camera installed that is capable of panning, tilting, and zooming (PTZ) to capture multiple views of the front of the classroom. We have configured some common presets for you to use, including a view of the front of the classroom, a close up of the instructor, a shot of the lectern, and shots of whiteboards or projector screens. You can control which camera view is captured through a small application on the classroom computer in the Instructor station.

Starting the application

To launch the camera control application, click on the PTZ Camera Controller Icon on the desktop.

 PTZ Camera Controller Icon

Using the PTZ Camera Controller

Click presets in the controller application to move the camera. Presets have a small picture and a text description to show you what the camera will capture when the preset is chosen. Once you click on the preset, you will see the video in your zoom session adjust to the new view.

You may also choose camera views that are not a predefined preset by using the arrow buttons (up, down, left, right) in the PTZ Camera Controller application.

The home button returns the camera in factory default position.

PTZ Camera Control Screen


Restarting the camera

Restarting the camera may be needed if the camera feed does not show up after a minute, if the camera feed is lost for more than a minute, or if you notice that a discolored video feed continues after a “Stop Video” and “Start Video” is issued in Zoom. To restart the PTZ camera, click on the PTZ Camera Restart Icon on the desktop.

 PTZ Camera Restart

When the PTZ Camera Icon is clicked, the camera will begin restarting. You will see a notification letting you know that it will take a minute to regain the camera feed.

PTZ Camera Restart Dialog

Camera and Microphone Services

There are a couple of services that need to run in your system tray to support your camera and microphone access. The icons below are related to your camera and microphone. If you see them when logged in, do not close them.

PTZ Camera System Tray

Selecting Video and Audio sources in Zoom

In order for Zoom to use the installed classroom camera and microphone, they need to be selected as the video and audio source. You can double check the audio and video settings in Zoom by clicking on the “up” arrow next to the camera and microphone icons in your Zoom meeting.

Audio Selections

Under “Select a Microphone,” make sure that “Room Mic” is selected and use “Crestron” as the speaker out. This will allow the microphone above the teacher station to record your voice for your remote students and play the audio of remote students’ questions and comments back through the classroom speakers.


Video Sources

The “NewTek NDI Video” option must be checked under “Select a Camera” in order for Zoom to use video from the PTZ Camera.


Video Settings

In the Zoom video settings, make sure Enable HD is turned on and Mirror my video is turned off. This ensures that you can send high quality video to your remote students and makes sure that any text that you are sharing does not get reversed in the video feed by Zoom.

If the video feed becomes discolored, close the video settings after you make the changes and then click “Stop Video” then “Start Video.” In most cases, this will restore the camera feed.


Restarting Zoom or the Computer

Restarting Zoom or the computer can sometimes resolve issues with audio and video in Zoom when nothing else is working.