Canvas Implementation FAQs

UNM has selected Canvas by Instructure as its next Learning Management System (LMS). Please keep an eye on this site for more information and updates as the planning and work progresses.

Faculty FAQs

UNM has begun planning and implementation with Instructure. The implementation timeline is on the main Canvas implementation page. Additional information will be posted to this site as the project progresses. 

See the LMS RFP Findings report - UNM Net ID and password required to access.

Courses starting Summer 2022 and beyond will need to be on Canvas.

Sandbox training courses and Temp development courses will be made available during Fall 2021 term to allow instructors to begin development well before the cutover in Summer 2022.

Yes! UNM has purchased an online training package from Instructure. Once instructors have access to Canvas (planned for mid-Fall), they will have access to a training portal containing live webinars and learning pathways to help you get up to speed with Canvas quickly. In the meantime, please see the Canvas Instructor Guide for more information. Please bear in mind that some tools or features may be unavailable or work differently in UNM's implementation of Canvas, dependent on UNM business processes, customized configuration, and integrations.

Yes! Please stay tuned for more information on migrating course content. Faculty will likely want to make some adjustments to the content once it is migrated to ensure that it is designed to take advantage of the specific features in Canvas. Some instructors may want to take the opportunity during this transition to start fresh and build courses directly in the new system.

In order to not overwhelm the system and resources, please do not make backups or archives of your UNM Learn courses for the purposes of migration at this time. We are looking at broad solutions for generating exports of Blackboard content, and will provide more information and guidance on migration on this as it becomes available. 

Third-party tools that are currently in use in UNM Learn will ALL be evaluated for likely implementation in Canvas (e.g., Kaltura, Zoom, RedShelf, publisher integrations (e.g., McGraw-Hill Connect; Pearson MyLab, Mastering, and Revel), Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor, etc.). We will be providing documentation about the status of each tool as work progresses.

The initial priority will be existing tools/integrations. New third-party tools that are not currently in use in UNM Learn will be evaluated in a later phase of the project and prioritized based on adoption.

There are multiple options under review for backing up and storing legacy data from Blackboard Learn before the license expires (8/31/2022). 

Yes, but only for a limited number of select pilot courses during the Spring 2022 term when many of the integrated tools will not yet be available.

Student FAQs

Canvas provides support resources in the system itself and online. Some tools or features may work differently in our implementation of Canvas, dependent on UNM business processes, customized configuration, and integrations. Keep in mind that just as in UNM Learn, instructors design courses differently and may not use all the same features in Canvas the same way. We expect this will be to a lesser degree as the design of Canvas provides for more consistency across courses. 

See the Canvas Student Guide for more information about what to expect in Canvas.

Yes! You will be able to access Canvas on your mobile device and through any mobile browser. You can also use their mobile applications, which are recommended for an improved user experience.