Description of Classroom Technology Standards

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As part of UNM’s COVID-19 response, UNM IT began added technology to support lecture capture and remote live participation in on-campus classroom activities. The following is a brief description of the three classroom standards:

Standard Classroom  A simple, no-frills solution for lecture capture and limited remote participation for typical instructor led classes in regular classrooms with some ability to facilitate group discussion.

Large Lecture Hall Designed for lecture capture and limited remote participant for large enrollment lecture-driven classes.

HyFlex Designed to create the best possible real-time interaction between remote and in-room participants.

  • Availability:
    • Fall 2021: DSH 132/134, ME 210/214, WH 147/149 (former OSYNC classrooms).
    • Spring 2022: Mitchell Hall 1st floor (12 classrooms). 
  • What technology was added to the room?
    • Multiple Cameras with intuitive controls to make it simple for faculty to choose and change pre-set scenes to share or record.
    • Multiple displays to make remote participants visible to both the instructor and other students in the room.
    • A high quality (4K) document camera to optimize creation, display, and capture of free-hand notes.
    • Enhanced audio capture through the use of multiple ceiling microphones, table and wall microphones to capture and share high quality audio of both instructor and classroom discussion.
  • How do I use the technology?