Project Status

We’ve been working at full steam to get classrooms ready for remote participation by the start of the Fall semester. Given our unusual circumstances, we anticipate that not all equipment will be completely installed and configured by that time. Here is the status as of August 14th:
  1. All installations are complete in Dane Smith Hall. We have a couple of networking issues that we are troubleshooting in DSH 136, but have a workaround using the microphone in the document camera.
  2. All rooms in Mitchell Hall will be completed today.
  3. As a stopgap, the team is installing document cameras with an integrated microphone that can be used with Zoom into all remaining classrooms today.
  4. We hope to receive some audio components this afternoon that will allow us to work on finalizing completion of large lecture halls next week.
BuildingBldg CodeRm #Remote Tech Installation
Bandelier East HallBANDE105Document Camera and Microphone
Castetter Hall/BiologyCAST51Document Camera and Microphone
Castetter Hall/BiologyCAST55Document Camera and Microphone
Castetter Hall/BiologyCAST100Document Camera and Microphone
Centennial EngineeringCENT1026Document Camera and Microphone
Centennial EngineeringCENT1028Document Camera and Microphone
Centennial EngineeringCENT1030Document Camera and Microphone
Centennial EngineeringCENT1032Document Camera and Microphone
Centennial EngineeringCENT1041Document Camera and Microphone
Collaborative Learning CtrCTLB230Document Camera and Microphone
Collaborative Learning CtrCTLB300Document Camera and Microphone
Collaborative Learning CtrCTLB330Document Camera and Microphone
Center for the ArtsCTRART2100Document Camera and Microphone
Dane Smith HallDSH123Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH125Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH126Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH127Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH128Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH129Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH136Complete - Troubleshooting Ceiling Microphone issue
Dane Smith HallDSH223Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH224Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH225Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH226Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH227Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH228Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH229Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH233Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH234Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH324Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH325Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH326Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH327Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH328Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH329Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH333Complete
Dane Smith HallDSH334Complete
Education ClassroomsEDUC101Document Camera and Microphone
Education ClassroomsEDUC104Document Camera and Microphone
Mechanical EngineeringMECH208Document Camera and Microphone
Mechanical EngineeringMECH218Document Camera and Microphone
Mechanical EngineeringMECH300Document Camera and Microphone
Mitchell HallMITCH101Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH102Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH120Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH122Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH202Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH211Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH220Complete
Mitchell HallMITCH221Complete
Northrup Hall/GeologyNTHP122Document Camera and Microphone
Physics & Astronomy InterdisPAIS1100Document Camera and Microphone
Physics & Astronomy InterdisPAIS1140Document Camera and Microphone
Physics & Astronomy InterdisPAIS1160Document Camera and Microphone
George Pearl HallPEARL101Document Camera and Microphone
George Pearl HallPEARLP104Document Camera and Microphone
Regener HallREGH103Document Camera and Microphone
Science Math Learning CenterSMLC102Document Camera and Microphone
Science Math Learning CenterSMLC120Document Camera and Microphone