Remote Hybrid Classrooms

As part of UNM's COVID-19 response, UNM IT has been working on adding technology to support remote participants joining face-to-face classrooms. The technology goal of this effort is to add three pieces of technology to each of the centrally scheduled classrooms: a ceiling microphone to capture instructor lecture, a desktop document camera for notes, figures, equations, and other demonstrations, and a 4K webcam that can capture the instructor at the front of the room. These tools are intended to support any remote students joining your class through Zoom.

How it Works

Cameras in your classroom are connected to the classroom computer in the instructor’s teaching station. This equipment functions similarly to the webcam in your laptop and the microphone in a headset. The main difference is that the camera view will capture the front of the room and the document camera video can be sent through Zoom for any diagrams, figures, equations, or annotations you want to share with remote students. We have a small application on the desktop that will let you choose which camera view to send to your Zoom session.

New for Fall of 2020, we have added an integration between UNM Learn and Zoom. This allows instructors to schedule and manage Zoom meetings from within their course. We have also added an automated integration that will move any Zoom recordings you make to your Kaltura My Media tool for later review and playback for your students.

Because we all must anticipate potential disruptions due to any illness or quarantine order, faculty should be prepared to switch to teaching remotely (from offsite or their office) as needed should circumstances arise that prevent classroom access. 

What faculty need to do

In order to provide as seamless and flexible an experience as possible for you and your students, we recommend that you add links to Zoom sessions and recordings directly into your UNM Learn course. This will allow you to join and lead Zoom sessions from any location as needed.  

  1. If you have not already added UNM Learn to your class, that is the first step. We have online instructions for getting started with UNM Learn.
  2. If you are not already familiar with Zoom, request a Zoom Pro account and get familiar with how it works.
  3. Add Zoom meeting links to your UNM Learn course using the integrated tool. 
  4. At the start of class, start the Zoom meeting from the classroom computer, and record the meeting if you want it to be available to your students for later playback.
  5. Familiarize yourself with controls and settings for room cameras, speakers, and microphones.
  6. Remember, if a visual is being shared in the classroom, but is not being shared through Zoom, your remote students will not be able to see it.