PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training

About Video

In PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training, author David Diskin demonstrates how to engage an audience with images, video, sound, charts, and diagrams in professional presentations. The course also covers a variety of methods to share presentations with others, and provides comprehensive tutorials on how to design presentations that successfully deliver a quality message. Exercise files accompany the course.

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  1. Understanding the Powerpoint 2010 Interface
  2. Getting Started
  3. Formatting a Presentation
  4. Adding Tables and Charts
  5. Working with Shapes
  6. Adding Audio and Video
  7. Adding SmartArt and Diagrams
  8. Sharing with Others


Lab Locations with this Software

  • Dane Smith Hall (DSH)
  • Engineering & Science Computer Pod (ESC)
  • Communication & Journalism (C&J)
  • LoboLab (located in the SUB)
  • Johnson Gym
  • Athletics
  • Mitchell Hall (MH)
  • El Centro
  • IT Lab