Up and Running with Mac OS X Mavericks


Navigate the OS X interface, open and organize files and applications with Finder; set up your Apple ID and iCloud accounts and sync your data with multiple computers and iOS devices. Run the most popular OS X applications, including iChat, Maps, Safari, and iTunes; and install new ones from the App Store. Also, learn how to back up your Mac and make sure you don’t lose data.

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  1. Getting Started
  2. Desktop: The Basic Working Environment
  3. Finder: The Macintosh Filing Cabinet
  4. The Dock, Launchpad, and Mission Control: Launching and Managing Apps
  5. Saving and Searching
  6. Working with the Online Services iCloud and Apple ID
  7. Browsing the Web with Safari
  8. Bundled Applications
  9. Installing Applications
  10. Sharing with Networks
  11. Backing Up