Excel 2010 Essential Training

About Video

In Excel 2010 Essential Training, Bob Flisser demonstrates the core features and tools in Excel 2010. The course introduces key Excel skills, shows how to utilize these skills with in-depth tutorials on Excel functions and spreadsheet formatting. It also covers prepping documents for printing, working with large worksheets and workbooks, collaborating with others, using Excel as a database, analyzing data, charting, and automating and customizing Excel. Exercise files are included with the course.

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  1. Getting Started
  2. Worksheet Basics
  3. Excel Formula Basics
  4. Essential Formatting
  5. Advanced Formatting
  6. Printing Preparation
  7. Large Excel Projects
  8. Collaborating with Others
  9. Exploring Excels Database Features
  10. Analyzing Data
  11. Advanced Analysis with PivotTables
  12. Creating and Using Charts
  13. Creating and Using Macros
  14. Customizing Excel


Lab Locations with this Software

  • Dane Smith Hall (DSH)
  • Engineering & Science Computer Pod (ESC)
  • Communication & Journalism (C&J)
  • LoboLab (located in the SUB)
  • Johnson Gym
  • Athletics
  • Mitchell Hall (MH)
  • El Centro
  • IT Lab